December 8th 2017

This video with sent to us form one of our customers for Missouri.   Thanks!

December 6th, 2017

See other sizes and styles

We have a lot of exciting things going on.  First we wanted to share the image above.  So many people have asked if we can support a second floor.  This is to give an example of just what we are dealing with in terms of up rights.  When we do a two story structure we suggest 2 foot on center.  We are also very exited to be able to say that we now have standard 170mph wind load ratings on all structures 32 foot and wider.  

House #2 is more compact to fit on smaller properties but still can house a 1-4 car garage

We are also exited to see a lot of new interior designs from very simple and cost effective all the way to custom luxury living.

Let us know what you think at TBS-MBO

November 28th, 2017

Here is the first image of our 2nd official home design that will incorporate an integrated instead of separated garage.  We also added a reverse peak porch that may become an option if it is poplar enough.  This is only 60 long instead of 75 so it is going to fit in a lot of places the first one will not.  Special mention to John S. who just recently purchased a variation on House #1.  Let us know your thoughts?



October 25th, 2017

Our digital show room is coming along a little slower than we thought, but one our most poplar designs is now included. This is affectionately known in the office as Barn#009 and is basically a 36x40 with a raised center and a lean to.  We are always trying to help people visualize the structure beyond the dimensions alone.  We will be adding these directly to the catalogue as they are completed.  This is also going to help immensely in trying to determine floor plans and showing customers the best plans for finish out.  

Barn #009 36x40 with lean to.

The layout

Lots of parking!


October 5th, 2017

As promised here are the first of many sketched of or DIY steel homes.  This is a basic layout we rendered that can be done for less than 50k.  You provide the slab and the interior finish out and we provide a certified 140-180mph wind load steel frame that far exceeds the strength and durability of wooden construction. 

We will also be able to provide a variety of interior walls both load bearing and free standing to accommodate finishing out highly flexible floor plans.  


Here we even had a little fun and rendered in Hard wood and tile floors.  We do not do flooring but are going to render full interiors just to give people ideas of what is possible.  Let us know if we can answer any question. 






September 27, 2017

We are exited to offer our first Barn house plans some time in the upcoming weeks!  But for now here is a teaser...

Just a teaser for now but imagine 2400 square feet, vaulted ceilings, 900 square foot garage, 3 beds and two baths as a bare steel shell for under $50,000 installed.  We will have a lot more info soon so stay tuned!


September 21st, 2017

How about a 4200 square foot house with a 4 car garage and wrap around porch all hidden in galvanized steel barn with 140 mph wind load?  


We just got these concept art photos from one of our employees.  It is just an idea of what could be done based an easily feasible barn.  We can provide all kinds of strctures built on 4 and even 2 foot centers to facilitate easier finish out and while we do not provide electrical or plumbing we can insulate and frame openings as well as provide rollup doors and windows.  Here are a few more.

A different view

At night

Here is a cutaway of the luxury interior.  Anything can go inside when you have wide open space and easy attachment points. 

Here it is also rendered in rock instead of steel

Here it is rendered in smart panel. Let s know what you think or if you have any questions at

September 20th, 2017

We are continuing to take orders for an ever increasing number of barndominiums.  The most common combination looks a lot this one here.  We can customize with different doors or windows or add porches to any or all sides.  We build on a four foot center but we can upgrade to a 2 foot center to accommodate installation of insulation and dry wall or other finish out.  The one you see is a 48x50 with a 16 foot center wall and 10 foot outer eaves.  It could of course be used as a shop, garage or barn as well.  Just as seen in runs between $25,340-28340 depending on the local building codes we need to adhere to but it starts with a minimum 105mph wind load and can be upgraded to 180mph if required.  Similarly we start with 30lb./sq.ft. snow loads and go as high as 65 for northern states.  As always send your questions to or call us at 918-258-5050 and don't forget to click on the link below the photo to get more details or browse our other selections.  




September 8th, 2017

Some exiting announcements from or engineering staff.   As of now we have changed all of our designs from minimum 90 and 130mph wind loads to standard 105 and 140.  Florida is still 150 and 180mph as always.  In Northern states we have also upgraded to 65lb. snow loads standard and 105mph wind loads.  These changes have taken more than two years to implement and included retooling, new drawings, and a lot of heavy lifting and retraining but they are now implemented in all markets. In some cases the changes let to slight price drops at certain sizes but in most cases there will be a small price increase.  Be aware that these changes are being updated on the website as rapidly as possible but any price that does not show a September 2017 update may not be accurate.  We should have everything updated in the next few weeks.  Mostly we are just very proud to announce the improvement to or product and happy to be able to provide the industry standard in engineering and manufacturing excellence.  


September 7th, 2017

We have had a lot of questions about lean times and scheduling in Orlando and Houston.  To everyone that as an order in South Texas or Florida please bear with us.  The safety of our crews must be kept in mind.  In most cases delays are not significant but if your area still has standing water or if the storm has not hit you yet expect some delays.  At least two of our production facilities at in the direct path of the storm and we will not know the full extent of the effects for several more days but we will do or best to keep yo informed and to shift work to or other 5 production facilities to limit the delays.  Thanks for you patience and stay safe out there.






August 8th, 2017


Learn more about this Barn!

All the way to some rather involved commercial operations that required a little more planning.

We have a variety of 30 wide Barn and Garage Designs.

What ever the purpose or scope of the plan though we would love to help.  As with everything we do pricing and code adjustment will depend upon your home state and county but if you have questions just ask or 918-258-5050  





Wednesday June 28th 2017 

A really common question is about what are the "standard sizes"?  While there are not necessary standard sizes per say, there are definitely a few common sizes that make for the optimum cost per square feet.  Specifically 18, 24 and 30 wide trusses represent the ideal widths/$.  Similarly 12 foot add ons are a great way to maximize space/$. The building above is an 18 wide with 12 foot lean to running the whole 40' length and an additional cover extending 12 additional feet.

We can separate the posts up to 16 feet apart.  Let us know if you have any questions


Wednesday  June 21, 2017


Hi guys,

Keep in mind that online pricing is only good in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana.  In the North and In Florida we still need to figure the price  because we have to verify the level of wind load certification based on individual state or county and prices may vary.  We are actively working to be able to adjust the pricing based on location but it is basically a matter of uploading every county in 28 states code information and we are actively on our way to doing that.   In the mean time we can usually take an order and have yo processed and in line in a matter of minutes.  We can also add a variety of options that are not discussed on the website or just custom design exactly what you need should you not be able to find what you are looking for or just make a simple adjustment to one of the already priced buildings.  We have customer service reps available 9-5 central time to answer questions or take orders and if you already know what you want it should take 5 minutes or less.  They can be reached at 918-258-5050 or email us at




Wednesday May 31st 2017

We have been answering a lot of questions about frame gauge.  I know we have touched on this before but to just quickly recap on the subject.  While frame gauge is important it only tells part of the story.  Typically tubular galvanized steel is cut from either 14 or 12 gauge sheet.  Depending on the supplier the steel may vary galvanized painted or left bare.  We obviously believe galvanizing is the best answer when it comes to corrosion prevention.  Many manufacturers proudly tout their 12 gauge tube as being stronger than their 14, but how strong was the 14 to begin with?  We start with a 34,000psi sheet to begin with and se only cold rolling in our mandrel bend process to assure that we do not lose any of the strength by heating it.  We then make the 12 gauge from a 54,000psi tensile sheet.  When searching for a material provider years ago we shopped around and typically were quotes tensile strengths of 10-22k psi.  The highest we have ever been quotes from another manufacturer of galvanized steel was 28k psi on a 12 gauge tube (and yes they are a major house hold brand).  Many of the manufacturers we shopped could not even give s a straight answer.  One major national brand actually told us that they just bought steel wherever they cold find it at the time and just tried to buy the cheapest supply they could find to cut costs.  They admitted at that time to using 3 major sources and several smaller ones with no particular rating.  We thought that bordered on the fine line between negligence and recklessness.  For the last decade we have sourced all of or material from Carolina Carports incorporated in Dobson North Carolina.  Our management has toured the main plant in North Carolina and seen their mandrel bending and three parts galvanizing process in person.  We maintain a close relationship with them and now they stand by their 20 year material warranty.  If you have any questions send them to or call us at 918-258-5050.




Thursday May 25th 2017

Hi guys,

This is a concept model sketched up by one of our staff.  He is literally beginning a plan to turn one our buildings into his future home.  This is a 20 foot side wall 96x80 5 section barn.  We priced it out with variations options for anything between $79,000 all the way up to $144,000 depending on frame gages, levels of wind certifications and the degree of insulation we added.  Its just a cool project we have been keeping an eye on and a great example of what is possible. 


Looks like it is missing a few windows!

Thursday May 25th 2017



Friday May 5th, 2017

Happy Cinco De Mayo! We have been incredibly busy lately, but I wanted to take a minute and talk about concrete.  Due to our huge service area we are unable to provide concrete. There is a possibility that in a few limited areas that we might know of someone we can suggest, but for the most part customers will need to find their own concrete contractor.  We are more than happy to coordinate and provide detailed directions to the contractor once they have been identified and quite often the concrete installer will just calls us directly so we can give instruction. 

We have gone to great lengths to tailor our products to ease  install on any surface.  Unlike most building methods where posts are set in the ground, we are laying a base rail which provides the foundation for everything else we build.  This has the added benefit of letting us install on basically any level surface with the addition of drip rails, vents or fancy approaches.  While we can install on a thickened edge it is not necessary and we do not have to overlap vertically because we are essentially overlapping the whole foot print 3/4 of an inch in all directions which greatly decreases the chance that water can come in without any special considerations.

Let's pretend we are doing a garage 24x30 with a 31 foot roof overhang.  All we need is a 4 inch slab 24x30.  Nothing else.  This does not mean that you may not want to make it thicker, or that your local code will not require a thickened edge or footing, but we are only using the first 4 inches to set our anchors.  This also facilitates the ability to build only the footer and leave the center dirt or gravel. This allows you to come back later and finish the floor when funds become available. 

As always send your questions to or or call us at 918-258-5050




Thursday April 27th, 2017

42x30 Vertical roof barn


Hi guys,

This will be a quick one.  We are busy!  We typically run 3-5 service reps on two shifts between 10am and 6pm Eastern time.  Right now due to high call and email volume we are about 3 days behind on call backs and emails.  We apologize.  Everyone is working overtime and staying way late to try and give every last customer the most information we can as quickly as we can.  That having been said, we still have cut our lead times by adding new members to each crew to get things out faster as well ramping up production at our main plant in North Carolina.  Lead times continue to hover around 4-5 weeks in most areas.  If you haven't heard from us you will and if you haven't contacted us yet then we cannot help you!  Call us at 918-258-0070 or message at





Tuesday April 25th, 2017

G#013 24x40x10 side entry

Thursday April 20th, 2017

Hi guys!

We have been inundated with recent questions about using steel buildings to create living space.  Barn houses or Barndominiums are definitely nothing new.  It was a huge trend in the 60's and 70's but has slowed over the last 3 decades.  Now it is back in full force.  We started getting tiny house requests a few years ago and slowly the size of the tiny houses started growing, and growing till they were anything but tiny.  What we are seeing now is larger steel buildings between 24x30 and 60x100 typically with a cross section where one part is garage and shop and the other portion is fully finished and includes living space.  

A not so "tiny house" but still on a budget! 

We have seen these range from bare bones, cheapest possible living spaces to luxury homes with indoor swimming pools, custom cabinets and lavish furniture.  We instantly took notice!  We also knew we had a serious advantage over the competition.  Because we build in galvanized tube on relatively small centers (between 5 foot down to traditional 16 inch spacing) we already knew it would far easier to attach insulation, sheet rock, hardy board or wood work to our frame as opposed to the red iron on spacing that is too far apart for standard materials and very difficult to attach to.  We were seeing  photos of red iron warehouses with entire wooden shells being built inside to facilitate dry wall which was essentially defeating the entire purpose (lowering costs).  They were literally building a building inside a building and consequently raising the price purely for the sake of style. I googled barn house and found this image right away.  It appears to be quality work, but also appears to be a lot of wasted effort.  

Why build a building inside a building if you do not have to?

With our material being available at the proper increments it would allow customers the ability to attach directly to our frame which has the added benefit of adding rigidity to our already very rigid structure.                       Here is one of recent projects that also included custom windows and exhaust fans.  It is going to serve as a bird aviary and required a lot of special considerations.  Oh and Spray Foam!

Later it got this custom floated floor.

Next came the addition of spray foam.  This was a game changing product for the whole industry.  Not only does it have the highest R value (the rate at which heat radiates through a surface and how much of that radiation is blocked by a certain material) of anything on the market it also conforms instantly to any shape.  It also quiets and seals everything against moisture and corrosion as well as cancels out vibrations and noise transfer.  I will do an in depth article in the future on the value of spay foam and which type (open or closed cell works best for different application).  In the mean time just know that despite the increased cost, if you are planning a living space, this is what we suggest.  That left wooden structures.  In the past few years wood prices have skyrocketed!  In some areas as much as 300% since 2011.  At one point we really had to work to get the message across that steel is always going to be stronger and more resistance to water and fire damage as well as bugs and termites than wood ever could be.  We were hearing people tell us they could get a building the same size 10-20% cheaper.  But with the soaring wood price increase we more often than not can achieve an apples to apples size building cheaper and also on tighter frame spacing.  Not only that though, like the wood building a customer can go in on day one after weleave and start the finish out. 

An example of a premium custom interior

Another huge advantage to this type of construction is the ability to build in multiple phases as funds continue to be available.  Especially in the case of vacation homes or secondary residences we are seeing people start with a large shop or barn that is bare inside.  They typically have saved up for it or are in the process of paying it off.  Later after it is paid off or additional funds are saved up a small portion may be enclosed and completed often over months or even years and often in many stages.  Another thing we are seeing a lot of is customers who buy a rural or lake property and build a shop or barn and then slowly finish it out until the point is it livable before selling their primary property.  This is often in conjunction with a retirement or the last of the kids leaving home. 

This one is subdivided into a garage and a working space

One of the best parts is that this really fits into a full spectrum of budgets.  The above structure is under $13,000 as seen.  If we estimate a liberal $8/square  for concrete we are up to $24,000 with all doors and windows enclosed.  We now have a shell ready for finish out with a 960 square foot interior and a 288 square foot covered porch for Under $25,000.  Trying to do this with traditional building materials would be unthinkable and it has a 140mph guaranteed wind load and a 30 lb./ square foot snow and live load that automatically meets or exceeds code in most areas.  The picture at the top of the article is smaller and cold be done for less than 20k with concrete.   As the buildings get bigger the cost per square foot will continue to go down but these two are averaging $17.36/ square foot.  In addition to that customers can save by doing all their own work or hire professionals to achieve the exact look and fit they want.  I will continue to share more information and pictures as time goes along.  In the mean time send me questions, comments or even criticisms to me at Questions & Comments because I don't know what to write about if you don't tell me. And if you are in the market and want a quote either email or pick up the phone and give us a call at 918-258-5050.

Thanks again,


Wednesday April 19th, 2017

Hello again,

The first thing we want to say this morning is to take a moment to remember those lost on this day in the tragic OKC bombing.  You will never be forgotten.  This is a very busy time of year for us.  Typically we have a quiet time starting around the 1st of the year when people are still trying to catch from the holidays and are not thinking to much about construction projects while it is cold.  But this year that did not happen.  We have continued to be saturated with inquiries and orders even before it started to warm up and now with spring in full effect people are coming out of the wood work to get their projects started as fast as they can.  Cars, bikes, boats, RV's trucks and ATV's are out in the elements or people just do not have adequate storage and the time to fix it is now.  A lot of people think it is to late in the year to order for this storm season.  Its not true.  We have worked harder than ever to keep our lead times down as fast as possible by hiring more full time crews and running longer shifts at the 7 plants.  Because of this effort our nation wide average as of last week is steady at five weeks and that is factoring in very long lead times in southern Florida and Northern Kentucky (but we are whittling that down as well).  We are hopeful that barn and shop orders placed in April will be complete by the end of May or Earliest June at the latest in most markets.  For commercial projects expect that to be even faster because they require less shared transportation requirements and can often keep from sharing shipping costs with other customers.  Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get your toys and possessions or your companies inventory and tools out of the elements as fast as we can. 

It is also important to remember that while wind and hail do contribute to more immediate damage, the number one element effecting your vehicles is the sun.  Solar damage is the number one consideration and in the summer months your vehicle is more susceptible to solar damage than at any other time of the year, so the earlier you get them covered up the more protection you are getting.  Please send in your Questions & Comments and I will do my best to answer all of them as quickly as I can.



24x40x12 RV or Equipment cover w/one gable and 6' drop panels

Tuesday March 18th, 2017

Hi guys,

We thought we would take a minute to say hi and hopefully share some things we have learned from nearly 2 decades of construction around the United States.  We hope to make the building journal an easier way to inform our customers about the possibilities, methods and philosophy behind our construction and the process you will go through as well as hopefully educate you as a consumer to give you a better understanding of construction as a whole.  Despite the fact we currently on only build using all galvanized construction we do have years of experience building both red iron and wooden buildings around the country and want to inform buyers of the pros and cons of each and why we ultimately chose to exclusively do galvanized construction.  The biggest thing we want to do today though is just say hi and welcome you to Metro Building Outlet.  We invite you to browse around and hope you will return as we make updates weekly to keep the latest information available to our customers.  Also please like and follow our facebook page Facebook to see the most up to date photos and descriptions of our latest projects.  Thanks for visiting us today and we hope to see you again.



Marketing Director